Flushhh® is a convenient, eco-friendly powder sachet that ensures your next bathroom visit will be odorless, discreet and carefree.

Empty our sachet’s powder 
into the water

Wait a few seconds until the powder turns into a foam layer

Sit, please and enjoy your bathroom privacy, confidently and carefree


Enjoy bathroom comfort, wherever you are.

From dining with friends to dating, at work or vacations, Flushhh® provides you with homelike comfort in all bathrooms, allowing you to enjoy life's many moments, happily and confidently.


Considerate leadership for a happier workplace

Quietly and instantly transform your office bathroom into a place of comfort. With Flushhh®, your teams will become more relaxed and productive, knowing you support them in every aspect of work life.


Make your guests feel at home in every bathroom

With Flushhh®, you'll provide that special touch of care customers desire when travelling, making every guest who experiences your bathrooms feel like they’re right at home.

Hear from our bathroom-confident customers...

Be carefree
Any bathroom. Anywhere.

Be carefree. Be confident. All bathrooms. Everywhere.

Our story

Flushhh® began with one idea: to give people the confidence to leave all bathrooms smiling. We believe everyone should experience this feeling, from honeymooning hotel guests to busy office employees, and especially, you.

Our convenient, discreet, and eco-friendly sachets simply pour onto the water’s surface. The sachet’s powder creates a protective film and silent foam layer, enabling a scent-free, sound-free and carefree bathroom experience for everyone.

With Flushhh®, you’ll feel like you’re at home even in the most intimate of spaces, giving you the confidence to embrace, explore and live life – wherever you go.


Our eco-powder keeps odors below the water’s surface, leaving bathrooms fresh, hygenic and inviting.


Flushhh® forms a silent foam layer on the water’s surface, cushioning and trapping bathroom sounds and odors.


Our sachets are compact, subtle and easy-to-use, everywhere and anywhere you go.

Our planet, Our future.

Flushhh® has a green life cycle

We prioritize the use of sustainable, ethically-sourced materials and ingredients, delivering you a truly green, planet-friendly product.

Our powder is biodegradable

Developed with The Technical University of Denmark, Flushhh® is made entirely in the EU using safe, high-quality, environmentally friendly ingredients and following all European regulations.

We care about every detail

From our leaflets to our packaging, we make every decision with the environment in mind, protecting our planet and safeguarding our future.

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Our discreet, convenient, and eco-friendly sachets give you the confidence to leave all bathrooms smiling. Flushhh® offers you a 2-year guarantee.

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