Transform the bathroom experiences of those you manage and care for

Transform the bathroom experiences of those you manage and care for

Effortlessly introduce FLUSHHH® into your bathrooms to create spaces of quiet comfort and tranquility for everyone


Our eco-powder keeps odors below the water’s surface, leaving bathrooms fresh, hygenic and inviting.


Flushhh® forms a silent foam layer on the water’s surface, cushioning and trapping bathroom sounds and odors.


Our sachets are compact, subtle and easy-to-use, everywhere and anywhere you go.


Provide remarkable comfort in the most intimate space

With Flushhh®, you’ll provide a level of care that will have your hotel guests leaving glowing reviews. Our discreet and eco-friendly sachets blend beautifully into all bathroom spaces, transforming your guests’ most 
private moment, quietly and instantly.


Inspire your teams with thoughtful leadership

By introducing our easy to implement solution into your office bathrooms, you’ll help resolve an issue over half your team face every day, improving their health, happiness and productivity, effortlessly.

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