Every bathroom, scent-free.
Every guest, carefree.

Every bathroom, scent-free.
Every guest, carefree.

FLUSHHH® is a convenient, easy-implemented solution that will eliminate a worry up to half your staff quietly face every day.


Our eco-powder keeps odors below the water’s surface, leaving bathrooms fresh, hygenic and inviting.


Flushhh® forms a silent foam layer on the water’s surface, cushioning and trapping bathroom sounds and odors.


Our sachets are compact, subtle and easy-to-use, everywhere and anywhere you go.

Make your guests feel at home in every bathroom.

With Flushhh®, you'll provide that special touch of care that customers cherrish when travelling. Making every guest who experiences your bathrooms feel like they’re right at home.

Easily introduce FLUSHHH into your hotel bathrooms

From the honeymoon suite to the restaurant washrooms, our subtle sachets will harmonize with all your bathroom spaces. Sitting seamlessly alongside other toiletries or perched inside our clean, clear dispenser, Flushhh® gives your hotel guests a scent-free, sound-free bathroom experience with minimal effort.

Hear from our bathroom-confident customers...

Experience FLUSHHH®

Empty our sachet’s powder 
into the water

Wait a few seconds until the powder turns into a foam layer

Sit, please and enjoy your bathroom privacy, confidently and carefree

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