Giving you bathroom
confidence, everywhere

Giving you bathroom
confidence, everywhere

Where our story began...

Flushhh® began with one simple idea: to give people the confidence to leave all bathrooms smiling. We believe everyone should experience this feeling, from honeymooning hotel guests to busy office employees, and especially, you.

Bringing Flushhh® to life, we first drew on our own experiences. There were countless times we hesitated, skipped, or completely changed plans due to our own bathroom worries. These moments motivated us to search for a discreet, reliable and hassle-free solution to visiting the restroom anywhere.

As we poured our hearts into Flushhh®, we soon met thousands of people with similar stories, from skipping a work party to missing out on a first date. These experiences connected us all.

From this point on, we knew Flushhh® would bringe encreased lifequality and transform people's lives so they would never have to miss out on life's magic moments again.

While people are at the heart of everything we do, we also care deeply about our planet. We've used sustainable materials since day one and always made decisions with the environment in mind. And today, we're proud to call Flushhh® an earth-friendly product.

When using our eco-friendly sachets, you simply pour the contents out onto the water's surface. Our eco-powder creates a protective film and silent foam layer, enabling a scent-free, sound-free and carefree bathroom experience.

With Flushhh®, you'll feel like you're at home even in the most intimate of spaces, giving you the confidence to embrace, explore and live life, happily and confidently—wherever you go.


Tomas Gleesen

Tomas initially managed to move from bussboy to hotel manager for one of the worlds leading hotels always exploring customers service excellence and needs. These industry years, combined with education from University of Cornell and Bordeaux, gave him invaluable insights, as well as a deep, empathic understanding of customers and human needs. 

But for Tomas, it was only a matter of time before he followed his entrepreneurial spirit. Since leaving the hospitality industry, Tomas has dedicated himself to developing Flushhh®, an eco-friendly sachet powder that enables scent-free, sound-free, and carefree bathroom experiences.

Through Flushhh®, Tomas hopes to give everyone complete bathroom confidence, resolving a common and often silent problem that millions of people face every day. 

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Our discreet, convenient, and eco-friendly sachets come with a 2-year guarantee, giving you the confidence to leave all bathrooms smiling.


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